Feed Me!

Made in the UK, FEED ME! is 100% complete and balanced, semi moist food for adult dogs. 

A great alternative to dry dog food, FEED ME! blends proteins along with all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that, not only helps keep your dog healthy but, also gives them a food they will love to the bottom of their bowl. 

Available in handy 2kg bags, 6kg, 8kg or 12kg.

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Our recipe for healthy, happy pets

HiLife it’s only natural offers a delicious selection of hand-prepared recipes using 100% natural ingredients. We believe our delicious choice of natural pet food from grain free cat food recipes made with chicken breast and flaked fish to our range of natural dog food, with both wholegrain diets as well as grain free dog food, offers everything your pet needs at every mealtime.

Lots of fresh meat & fish

See our luxury dishes, packed with high quality cuts of juicy meat and fish, including succulent pieces of chicken breast and tasty morsels of tuna loin.

All natural ingredients

With no nasty additives, colours or preservatives, your pet will love these healthy and great tasting, all natural recipes, which are also Grain Free.

Grain Free

Some dogs find grains leave them with upset tummies and not feeling their best. That’s why some of our Its only natural dog food recipes are grain free, to benefit those dogs with sensitivities.

Our Values

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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Genghis the tabby cat is snatching a HiLife it's only natural treat

“HiLife natural cat treats are the business, my cat Genghis actually takes the packet out of the cupboard with his teeth to get to these bad boy treats.  He literally likes to catch them with his paws.  I've never seen him get sooo excited over a cat treat!”

Jo, Customer
Sally is cuddling her Labrador and feeds her HiLife Feed Me

“This is the only dog food our lab will eat. Empty dish every time. Her coat is in lovely condition and we have had many compliments. I always recommend HiLife.”

Sally, Customer
Beautiful tabby cat Heidi is waiting for her HiLife it's only natural cat food in sauce

“HiLife it’s only natural food in sauce is what my cat Heidi craves for. She will lick her lips in anticipation as it’s being poured into her food bowl! The natural ingredients keep my girl healthy and looking her best."

Donna, Customer

Our Paw-some Blog

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