Caring for pets

Smiling Labrador being stroked and cared for by his family

Our cats and dogs bring such joy into our lives and caring for them responsibly is the best gift we can give them in return.

To help our pets live long and happy lives, we need to pay careful attention to all of their needs, from the food we give them to their level of exercise, from a grooming routine to vaccinations, from monitoring their dental health to micro-chipping.

Head shot of HiLife dog - a black labrador on the beach Headshot of HiLife tabby cat George

At HiLife, we’re pet owners too, with cats, dogs and even a hamster! Our team works all year round to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership with our customers and within our own families. Looking after a pet can be a great way for children to learn life lessons too about healthy living habits and responsibility, as well as becoming a best friend for life. 

Visiting the local Vet

The best place to go for information to help our pets, is usually our local Vet. They get to know our pets over time and we can help by keeping a record of changes to our pet’s behaviour or feeding habits.

Our pets can often find visiting the Vet a stressful time with so many strange smells and noises but taking a favourite blanket and a toy can help. If they are having any tests, it’s good practice to check with the Vet what our pet can or cannot eat before the visit. If food is allowed, then it may be helpful to bring along a favourite treat for your cat or dog as a distraction.

Seeking help online

Lots of helpful advice is also available online from Vets, independent experts and pet food companies including ourselves, specialist publications and other cat or dog owners.

Our pets need a nutritionally balanced diet, just like we do. They need access to fresh water at all times and the right amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

When you’re seeking information online to help you choose the right pet food for your dog or cat, do take a moment to check the information you are using is up to date and reliable. Our pets are relying on us and it only takes a moment to check a website can be trusted.

Feeding guides on our packs

HiLife feeding guide example

To help select the right amount of HiLife food for your cat or dog, we include a feeding guide on the outside of our packs. It sets out how each product should be fed as part of your pet’s nutritionally balanced diet.

Where the pouch or can is too small for fuller information, we include this information on our website. 

It’s important to remember that all feeding guidelines are based on the average size of a dog or cat, so you’ll also need to take into account factors such as your pet’s size, body condition, age and activity level.

To check your pet’s size, we have included links to a handy pet size-o-meter here for cats and dogs. They were prepared by independent veterinary nutrition experts for the PFMA (below).

Download PFMA Cat Size-O-Meter to help maintain your cat's healthy weight Download PFMA Dog Size-O-Meter to assess your dog's body weight
Download Cat Size-O-Meter Download Dog Size-O-Meter 


We are active members of the PFMA

We are proud to be active members of the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA). It’s an organisation where around 85 members currently account for over 90% of the UK’s Pet Food industry. Together, we work to share best practice and to;

  • Promote pet food products which are safe, of sound nutrition, palatable and which offer value for money
  • Promote responsible pet ownership working in partnership with relevant pet organisations & charities
  • Raise standards in the pet food industry and aim to be the main source of information for the public and members.
  • Achieve a balanced regulatory environment for the production of nutritious & safe food

PFMA also offers a great resource of information on pet care, pet nutrition, the number of cats and dogs in the UK, a healthy weight hub and lots more.