7 signs our cats love us

We love our feline friends, but their enigmatic natures can sometimes leave us wondering whether they *actually* like us. Their canine counterparts wag their tails and give slobbery kisses, but our cats have much more subtle and unique ways of showing their affection. Here’s seven signs our kitties love us as much as we love them!

They stare or blink at us

Have you ever found yourself in an involuntary staring contest with your cat? While their impenetrable stare can be rather unsettling at times, it’s a sign that they just really like us. According to PDSA, a slow blink also means that their love is fur-real!

Giving us 'gifts'

Cats can give us quite a fright when they present us with prey they’ve caught, but the act is more innocent than it seems. In the wild, cats rely on hunting for survival and so need to be protective of their prey. According to iCatCare, if our kitties bring prey home, it’s because they feel secure and trust that it’s a safe place to leave their food.


Is your cat constantly rubbing their head against you? This signature headbutt is one of the main ways cats show their affection. Cats have secret glands on certain parts of their bodies, such as their cheeks and heads. When they rub their head on our bodies, they’re actually marking us with their scent and claiming us as part of their family.


Any cat lover will know that our kitties love to knead, or ‘make bread’, on any surface they can find – soft cushions, old blankets, or when they’re having a cuddle with their favourite human. This rhythmic pawing is reminiscent of kittens kneading their mother to stimulate milk flow; so, when they do it to us, it’s their way of saying “I trust you”. Next time you find yourself in your kitty’s furry little clasp, cherish this act of love – even if their claws do start digging into your leg!

They sleep on us

Our kitties are natural hunters, so they don’t like to feel vulnerable. When our feline friends curl up on us to have a nice little slumber, it means their guard is down and they’re exposing their most defenceless self to us. A cat will only do this with the people they love and trust the most!

Twitchy tails

We may think it’s difficult to decipher our cats’ mood, but their tails hold all the answers. It’s important for us to play close attention to the shape and movement of this feline feature – for example, if their tail is whipping back and forth, it means they’re scared or angry. However, if our cats greet us with an upright, twitching tail, it means they’re thrilled to see us.


Purring is basically our kitty’s love language. The soothing buzz of a purr is a sign that our feline friends are relaxed and happy, and research has shown that cats reserve their purrs exclusively for humans they adore!

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