Women sharing a story with her contented and elderly cat on a comfy sofa

As pet owners, we understand the positive effect of sharing time with cats and dogs. You can’t beat the simple joy of hearing a cat purring or seeing a dog wagging its tail!

HiLife has supported many charities since the company began over 30 years ago. We sponsored Pets as Therapy (PAT) for over 13 years and their wonderful PAT Dog of the Year Award. The charity has a network of around 6,000 dedicated volunteers that share their time and their pets by visiting local communities, visiting residential homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, day care centres and prisons.

We care deeply about the welfare of animals and we'd love to be able to help every registered charity that's assisting them. However, the number of requests we receive for donations has increased to such an extent that we've decided to concentrate our support on one national charity and on charity events in our local community. We're proud to say our nominated national charity is Cat Chat.

Cat Chat - the Cat Rescue Resource

Cat Chat is a charity formed around one simple and brilliant idea, they want to use the internet to help rescue centres, rehoming groups and Vets find homes for cats in the UK and Ireland. They're really good at it, in fact last year alone over 10,000 cats found home through the website. They provide a fantastic national service, which is free of charge to cat rescue groups. 

These organisations can upload photos, videos and profiles of the cats under their care and feel confident that the information is being seen and shared across the internet and social media channels. Members of the public can search for a new cat either by region, shelter or town. Behind the scenes, the charity's staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that the site is easily found through search engines, whilst ensuring that the importance of cat rescue is kept in the public eye. 

Austin has just been rehomed through Cat Chat after 2 years of waiting

'Overlooked cats'

Cat Chat also touched our hearts because they actively promote the rehoming of 'Overlooked' rescue cats. Most shelters find they have a few cats that stay in care for months or even years; they may have a medical condition, or they're shy, or they’re simply passed over in favour of prettier or younger cats. For the past five years we have been delighted to help Cat Chat by supporting the Overlooked cats section of their website. It has been very successful in finding homes for these amazing cats, by shining a light on their stories.

Catchat Twenty for 2020

This year, Cat Chat are celebrating their 20th Anniversary and we are helping them to promote their Twenty for 2020 campaign. Working with hundreds of rescue centres across the UK and Ireland, they are identifying those cats who have been in rescue care for the longest time. By highlighting such deserving cats through nationwide publicity and social sharing they want to help all 20 cats find their perfect home. Austin was their first ‘cover cat’ in January 2020 and we’re pleased to share that he is currently enjoying life with his wonderful new family.

If it’s the right time to welcome a new cat into your family, we hope you’ll take a look at Cat Chat’s site.