3 reasons to volunteer at your local Dog Rescue

We all know that every dog deserves love and attention – especially those who have had a bit of a ‘ruff’ time.  Research has estimated that 130,000 dogs go into UK rehoming centres every year, and it’s often down to the kindness of volunteers to make sure that these dogs get back on their paws. Here’s three reasons why you could consider dedicating your time to helping our four-legged friends on their journey to their ‘fur-ever’ home!

Make a real difference

Volunteering in rescue shelters gives you the opportunity to have a real impact on dogs’ lives. These pups sometimes haven’t had the best starts in life, so volunteers are there to give them the comfort, love, care and companionship they may not have had before. Whether you are on hand to enjoy some play with them or aid a dog in their recovery from illness, every effort is a step towards a healthier and happier dog.

Nurture your love for dogs

If you’re unable to have a pet at home, volunteering at a dog rehoming centre is a great way to spend time with dogs. Or, even if you do have one at home and you just can’t get enough of cute pooches, volunteering is the ideal hobby for any dog lover. The amount of time you give is up to you, as most rescue centres welcome dog walkers for the odd walk and volunteers who can commit to regular visits. Rehoming centres have dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities - and working closely with them is a sure-fire way to brighten your day!

There are more options than you think

Believe it or not, there’s more to volunteering than just playing fetch! Dog rehoming centres rely on volunteers for lots of different things, from greeting customers and organising community events to helping with gardening and photography. There’s a role to suit everyone! It can also be a great way to gain new skills and expertise.

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what Blue Cross volunteer, Jenny Beale, has to say about her 12 years’ experience at her local rescue centre:

“It’s great to spend some quality time with so many dogs and different breeds, with a few cuddles and treats along the way.

“We often get nervous dogs or stray dogs into the centre who need some extra TLC. It’s always wonderful to work with them and see their confidence build bit by bit and ultimately, see them go off to a loving new home – it’s nice to think I’ve played a part in that journey.”

So whether you’ve got a bit of spare time or you’re looking to gain some experience working with animals, volunteering at dog shelters is a fun and rewarding experience. Cuddling cute pups while making a difference to their lives? We’d all be barking mad not to get involved!

Find out more about volunteering with these charities today:

Blue Cross

Dogs Trust


Or go online to find your nearest local rehoming centre.