Thank you from the dog, Mum!

We celebrate how much we love our dogs every day, but Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to recognise all our caring and dedicated dog mums out there! While our furry friends may not be able to bring us breakfast in bed, we’re pawsitive they’ll make sure we get lots of licks and cuddles to show us they’re thankful for all our hard work. We chatted to three proud dog mums about how they’re making the most of this special day.

Lenny and Katie - @tails.of.leonard 

HiLife friend @tails.of.leonard

“Lenny loves to spend his days with his mum! He loves getting kisses, cuddles and treats. On Mother’s Day, I’m hoping Lenny has some plans! He usually gets his mum a card and a present, which is the remains of one of his squeaky toys! However, sometimes it’s a box of chocolates wrapped and hidden away by the other human, so Lenny doesn’t end up eating them himself. We end up going on a walk usually and spending some quality time together! And once Lenny has had his food, we curl up on the sofa and mum will have a cup of tea and a few biscuits and Lenny has a toy and chew of his own! And sometimes on a very special occasion, he gets to sleep in the human’s bedroom!” 

Lola and Molly - @the.wild.cockapoo 

HiLife friend @the.wild.cockapoo

“Me and Lola will be spending this Mother’s Day by doing one of our favourite things – going on a nice long walk around the countryside! We love enjoying the fresh air and our gorgeous surroundings!” 

Jasper and Natalie - @mr_jasper_spaniel 

HiLife friend @mr_jasper_spaniel

“Jasper and I planned to spend Mother’s Day together (along with dad) at the Dogs and Daffs charity walk and show. I was looking forward to being a super proud dog-mum as he joins in a group walk and entered the show in the ‘best puppy’ category! Sadly, the event has been postponed due to the current virus pandemic, so instead, we’ll be spending the day together enjoying a long family walk and homemade roast to celebrate our first Mother’s Day as a family of three. 

Jasper brings a smile to my face every day and melts my heart with his affectionate and loving personality. Despite only being in our lives for four months, I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is our everything!” 

We want to wish all the pawsome dog mums, dads, sisters and brothers a Happy Mother’s Day – give them a stroke from us, we know what a comfort they are every day! Head over to our Facebook page to share what you and your fur baby are getting up to! 

A massive thank you to Lenny, Katie, Lola, Molly, Jasper and Natalie for helping out with this blog. Make sure to give their gorgeous pups a follow on Instagram!