Your Best Puppy & Kitten Moments

As pet parents, we cherish every moment with our cats and dogs, but there’s something extra special about the memories we make with them when they’re little.

We asked our HiLife friends for their favourite puppy and kitten memories — from cheeky food thieves to flying kittens. We loved hearing about them — and we’re sure you will too!

Curiosity almost killed the engineer — @pumpkin_oreo_olive_basil

“Olive is seven months old and gets very excited when she sees new visitors. Last week, the gas engineer and his apprentice came round to our flat to do a regular gas check when Olive, feeling excited and mischievous, decided to jump on the apprentice’s back — causing him to tumble down the stairs!”

Sausage thief — @bennythebichonfrise

“One time, my nan left her sausage sandwich unattended and when she came back, it had disappeared. We were wondering where it had gone until we spotted puppy Benny devouring the sausage on the floor. Nothing is safe with a puppy around.”

Splash attack — @numberfivethewhitley

“Kitten Jasper was meowing like crazy and charging around the house one night. Confused by all the fuss, we came out the bedroom to discover Jasper sat in the toilet soaking wet. After taking him out, he sprinted in all different directions, spreading toilet water across the walls and furniture. He is ridiculously mischievous, but we wouldn’t have him any other way!”

Laundry lover — @dailydoseofdexter17

“When Dexter was a pup, I answered the door to the postman delivering a parcel when he came running to the door with a pair of my pants in his mouth. Dropping them on the floor for the postman to see, Dexter strolled away as if nothing had happened.”

To infinity and beyond — @buzzandposy

“As a kitten, we used to let tiny Buzz in the garden under supervision. He loved it so much that one evening when we locked him inside, Buzz went upstairs to the first floor, found a tiny crack in the window and flew like Buzz Lightyear into the garden! Thankfully, the garden cushioned his fall, and he wasn’t hurt.
I was cooking dinner at the time and saw the little white ball of fluff running around in the garden — I thought it was a rabbit! Buzz has always been so determined to get what he wants.”

How adorable! We value our HiLife community and love hearing your pet stories, so please keep in touch with us via our social channels. (Cat: Facebook  & Instagram; Dog: Facebook & Instagram).

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