How to #PawsForThought this Christmas…

As we approach the busy festive season, our four-legged friends provide the pawfect opportunity to #PawsForThought so we don’t become too overwhelmed with Christmas shopping and wrapping!

From going on walks to cuddling on the sofa, there are plenty of ways our pets boost our mental wellbeing and we’ve put together a small collection of #PawsForThought tales from our HiLife friends to make your day that little bit brighter.

1. Wholesome evenings with Heidi — @Heidi.Kat

“I adore my evenings with Heidi, and I love spending that time with her by including her in almost everything. From talking to her, playing hide and seek, pampering her and indulging her in tasty HiLife it’s only natural treats, she is the greatest company! To top it off, most evenings I am awarded with cosy lap cuddles where she falls asleep peacefully in my arms.”

2. Coastal walks with Petra — @Petra_the_black.lab

“Petra and I spend quality time together in several ways, but our favourite thing to do is walk along a nice beach as it’s always so calm and relaxing. Petra also has numerous long-term teddy friends and it’s lovely to see her get so snuggly on the evening. This is what brings me joy and comfort.”

3. Fluffy blanket snuggles with Lola & Poppy — @lola_and_popps

“Quality time with Lola and Poppy is simple: we cuddle on a fluffy blanket! They love the softness and I love listening to their relaxing purrs. It’s even more snuggly in the winter months as there is nothing better than being indoors with a blanket when it’s so cold outside.”

4. Cuddles on the sofa with Willow — @willow_mezzelane

“Willow and I spend our quality time by having a nice, big walk in the morning to get us set for the day and then coming home for snuggles with a blanket on the couch. We always watch the TV until one of us falls asleep — and that one is usually always Willow!”

5. Playtime with Hope & Bo — @hope_and_bo

“I like to spend time playing with Hope and Bo after work as it helps me relax and unwind. Focussing on them distracts me from the hustle and bustle of the day, especially when they curl up and purr as it’s relaxing to see and hear them be so contented.”

6. Creating memorable moments with Evie — @everyonelovesevie

“Quality time with Evie is my favourite! From going on lovely walks to snuggling on the couch with plenty of kisses, Evie always brightens my day. We love having quality family days out too and Evie is always up for trips and holidays, creating lasting memories.”

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