Q&A: Making the most of lockdown with our dogs

While the UK lockdown has been a difficult time, we can all agree that one of the perks has been getting to spend lots of time with our beloved dogs. We’ve witnessed every waking, woofing and snoozing moment, and it’s been both lovely and enlightening at the same time. From discovering new hobbies to catching moments of mischief in action, we’ve definitely learned a lot more about our four-legged friends!

We chatted to HiLife friend Sophie about what her dog, Buzz, has been getting up to during lockdown!

1) Has lockdown taught you anything new about your dog?

“We’ve realised that Buzz absolutely loves to follow us around every minute of the day — he’s like our little shadow! He’s definitely got used to us spending all of our time with him; but, equally, it doesn’t feel right for us unless he’s in the room. He was a little poorly last week, so he had to spend a few days at the vets — we were completely lost without him!”

2) Have you witnessed your dog get up to anything cheeky when he thinks you’re not watching?

“During lockdown, I decided to replace a plant that Buzz had previously chewed up when he was a puppy. It was left outside before planting for around 15 minutes or so: but, when I came back out, Buzz had chewed the entire pot of the exact same plant!”

3) Have you and your dog been enjoying any new activities during the lockdown?

“We’ve been enjoying lots and lots of walks! My little boy has also been setting up assault courses in the living room for Buzz with lots of treats — he loves it.”

4) Have you been using the time to brush up on training?

“We’ve been trying to make the most of this downtime, so it’s been rather chilled. Lots of cuddles and treats!”

5) On the topic of treats — what has been Buzz’s favourite HiLife snack during lockdown?

“Buzz loves the HiLife Rawhide Prairie Bone, especially when he’s rolling around on the grass in the sunshine, having a little chew!”

Thanks to Sophie and Buzz for taking part in this Q&A! Have you learned anything new about your pup? Or maybe you’ve got a funny story about your pooch? Head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let us know!