Lockdown learning Q&A: Discovering new things about our cats

Cats may seem tranquil and composed, but we all know that they can get up to no good when they think no one's watching. And with all this time spent in lockdown, we're a lot more likely to catch these moments of mischief in action!

Along with uncovering secret shenanigans, this extra time spent with our cats has also resulted in us getting to know them a lot better. From unusual feline habits to hidden loves — we've gained a welcome insight into our cats' lives, and we've loved every second of it.

We chatted to HiLife friends Jean and Baxter about all the crazy and wonderful things they've discovered about their gorgeous cats, Pip and Pop, during lockdown!

1. Have you witnessed your cats getting up to anything cheeky when they think you’re not watching?

“Yes, we have! I had begun to move my mint plant around the house to get more light and give it some extra water; but, much to my dismay, it just didn’t seem to be growing. Little did I know that Pop has taken quite a fancy to mint. She nibbles on it every day… which explains a lot!”

2. Has lockdown taught you anything new about your cats?

“An unusual habit we have noticed is that Pip LOVES opera music. If we play opera music (or if I attempt to sing in a high-pitched voice), she will suddenly jump on the bed purring and become so cuddly. So, if we’re ever feeling needy, we can just play some opera and know that Pip will come for a cuddle — it’s bizarre! She’s clearly quite the ‘meowsician’!”

3. Have you and your cats been enjoying any new activities during lockdown?

Pip Yoga

“Pip has become quite the yogi and enjoys an early-morning yoga session before breakfast! Although, on a couple of occasions, she seemed to have misinterpreted the ‘half-moon’ pose…”

4. Have you been using the time to brush up on training? Have your cats learned any new tricks?


“We have been spending lockdown reading ‘Test Your Cat’. Pop has been paying a lot more attention than Pip. By using observation and everyday household items, we have been able to measure Pop’s communication and social powers and, of course, we have found out that she is, in fact, an undiscovered genius!”

5. What has been your cats’ go-to HiLife snacks during lockdown?

“HiLife Chicken Breast Treats are by far their favourite!”

Thanks to Jean, Baxter, Pip and Pop for sharing these lovely answers! What has your cat been getting up to during lockdown? Head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let us know!