If pets could give their hoomans New Year’s resolutions…

All this talk of ‘New Year, New Me’ has got us thinking: if pets could give their hoomans New Year’s resolutions, what would they be? After chatting to our HiLife friends about their predictions, we’ve put together a small collection of responses to help you beat the January blues and make your day even more pawsome!

1. Sprinkled HiLife treats and extra brushes — @persian_mishmish

“Mishmish has a lovely fur coat which she loves keeping tidy, so I imagine she would love us to brush it at least three times a day! Her next big love is HiLife it’s only natural Chicken Treats and is not satisfied having them every now and then. Instead, Mishmish would prefer to have the treats sprinkled on top off every meal with her furpocket HiLife money allowance increased regularly!”

2. 24-hour attention — @willow_mezzelane

“Willow would love us to give her 24-hour attention with lots of cuddles and playtime! Plus, Willow enjoys being let off the lead so she can explore on her own terms so if she had it her way, she would choose to have more freedom on walkies! Finally, every time we go to bed Willow seems curious about our ‘secret bedroom’ so she would love to be invited to sleep on our large, comfy bed!”

3. Attentive, stay-at-home pawrents — @isabella_and_zachary

“Isabelle and Zachary love spending time with us so much that I reckon their New Year resolution for us would be to work less and stay at home more! They would also love us to become mind-readers so we could live up to their daily needs of providing fuss on demand and feeding them delicious treats!”

4. Pawsome coat — @freddiethecocker1

“This year, Freddie would love us to treat him with a new coat — it’s covered in mud from all the rainy walks we did in 2021 where he played and splashed in puddles. Plus, Freddie enjoys his treats so would definitely opt for us feeding him more!

5. Constant fuss — @betty_boo_kat

“Princess Betty loves fuss from her dads and would want us to put down our phones for longer so we could devour her in more cuddles, play stimulating games and reward her with HiLife it’s only natural treats!”

6. Weekly beach visits — @evie_noodle_the_labradoodle

“Evie loves playing on the beach and if she had it her way, we would visit every single day! In turn, Evie’s resolution to us would be to have weekly beach visits as a minimum so we could create even more unforgettable memories in the sand!”

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