How to have a pawfect date night with our pets

Whoever said Valentine’s Day is just for hoomans has never owned a furry loved one!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we caught up with some of our HiLife friends to find out how they’re having the pawfect date night with their furry friends. From cosy snuggles on the sofa to indulging in a special evening meal, read below for inspiration on how to celebrate this special day of love with our pets.

1. Special dinner with

“Ernest and I will be spending the majority of Valentine’s Day cuddling on the sofa with a blanket, followed by a special dinner topped with HiLife its only natural Luxury Chicken Breast — his favourite!

“After the food has gone down, we will enjoy a run around the house with his feather toy!”

2. Picture perfect walkies with @everyonelovesevie

“We live near the Lake District, so on Valentine’s Day, we will go for a beautiful dog walk where Evie can do what she does best — splash and play in the water. After this, we will cuddle up on the sofa and share lots of cuddles and kisses.

“Finally, I will treat Evie to a delicious evening meal which is reserved for special occasions only, as she generally only eats in the morning.”

3. Love-inspired photoshoot with @busterthecatto

“Buster and Catto love a photo shoot, so we will be going all out for Valentine’s Day by taking some loved-up snaps to share with our furry friends on Instagram. After this, we will snuggle up on the sofa and watch our favourite show: cat TV on YouTube!”

4. Cosy movie marathon with @violet_theblacklab

“Our pawfect date night consists of snuggling together on the sofa with a cosy, fluffy blanket and watching doggy films with plenty of snacks, including some yummy treats from HiLife.”

5. Cheesy romcom with @buzzandposy

“Buzz, Posy and Cole bring love to our life every day and deserve to be spoiled all the time but especially on Valentine’s Day!

“This year, they will be indulging in their favourite dinner with a sprinkle of HiLife its only natural Whitefish Treats! After this, we will watch a cheesy romcom film and snuggle up together on the sofa.”

6. Playing ball with @delilah_thedally

“Delilah and I will start the day with a long walk in our favourite place throwing her ball so she can run around and use up her energy. After this, Delilah will devour a scrummy HiLife dinner and we will watch our favourite movie — 101 Dalmatians!

“A day of playing, eating and snuggling is the pawfect Valentine’s Day for us.”

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, HiLife friends! We’d love to hear more over on our social media channels! (Cat: Facebook & Instagram; Dog: Facebook & Instagram).