Gifts for pets

Our pets are so important in our daily lives, so of course they deserve a treat from time to time! Whether we’re celebrating their birthday or gotcha’ day — or even just giving them a gift for being so cute – we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for your four-legged friends.

Personalised pet gifts

Every pet is unique, which is why we love them! What one pet will love, another may turn their little pink nose up at. Understanding our pets, and knowing what makes them tick, is the key to choosing the right gift for them:

• Calm pets – many pets just love to spend time with their favourite human, so creating an experience that you both can share is certainly one way to show your pet that you love them.

• Playful pets — it’s go, go, go all the time for some pets! If they always seem to have bundles of energy, and love being curious and trying new things, then an interactive, fun gift will definitely go down well!

Gift ideas:

1. Homemade treats

It’s the thought that counts. Homemade pet gifts offer an affordable and caring way to gift your cat or dog.

This gorgeous Christmas stocking, made by one of our HiLife friends for her lovely tabby cat, is a simple but effective idea. What’s more, you can fill it with your pet’s favourite toys and HiLife favourites.

Owner Donna says that Heidi thoroughly enjoys it when she gets out her crafting kit! Heidi gets excited by the fabrics and boxes that they come in and cannot resist finding a comfy spot to watch her work from — a perfect bonding experience!

The materials for this stocking were bought from a local craft shop and cost around £5. You don’t need to be a whiz with a sewing machine either! If you use felt, fabric glue can be used to bond the fabric. Donna even found some free templates online to get the right shape. After leaving it to dry, she filled it with Heidi’s favourite it’s only natural treats.

Other fun homemade DIY pet gift ideas include making a toy out of an old plastic bottle and sock, making a rag tug toy from your dog with an old T-shirt or tea towel, and a fun den out of a cardboard box and a sprinkling of their favourite treats inside.

2. Foodie gifts

At HiLife, you’re spoilt for choice! Our popular HiLife dog treats and chews offer something for every dog, such as the HiLife CHEWS DAY Best of British Breeds Filled Bone, TREAT ME Training Treats and much more. The chews are particularly great boredom busters, so are great for playful dogs who need their energies channelling. The HiLife TREAT ME Training Treats make a super-delicious stocking filler or gift, with moist and meaty kibbles combined and succulent sausages — delicious!

For our feline friends, we have two varieties in our it’s only natural Treat range — Chicken or Duck Breast. These 100% freeze-dried treats contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, making them a guilt-free choice for health-conscious pet parents! Starting from just £1.59 a bag, they’re the perfect stocking filler and gift to share with your cat-loving friends!

3. Practical presents

Who says that practical gifts have to be boring — not us! There are so many beautiful products out there for our pets, with the traditional bowls and bedding, and more quirky ideas such as a personalised dog lead hook <insert link: > or self-cleaning litter tray! OK, so some of these ideas are just as much a present for pet lovers — anything that makes caring for our pets easier, makes their lives more relaxing too!

4. Luxury gifts

For the ultimate gift to lavish your pet then how about this Tiffany and Co Bone Collar charm.