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At HiLife, we believe that every cat is special. As cat owners ourselves, we want the very best for them and it’s why our family started making cat food! It’s also why we continue to support the national charity Cat Chat, sponsoring their Overlooked Cats section. Currently over 10,000 rescued cats and kittens annually, find a new home with Cat Chat's help. If you are interested in adopting a cat, why not have a look where your nearest shelter is

This month, we are hearing from some special HiLife friends all about their unique kitties and the joy they bring into their lives every day!

@louie_blind_cat on Instagram:

“Hi - Louie here. I was not adopted from a shelter as many people assume. My human Mum happened upon me by chance when she found that her parents’ neighbour’s moggy had kittens - we think my cat Daddy was a stray. The hoomans were NOT backyard breeders; they were irresponsible. Mama cat had been allowed to roam the streets without being neutered, and so my litter was born. Precious? Yes. Necessary? No.

“In ideal circumstances, my Daddy and Mama would never have been able to create me. Of course, we are all happy I am here. When my human Mum first saw me, she was told to disregard me because of my eyes. I wasn’t ‘good’; I wasn’t ‘perfect’. What would have happened if she had left and not come back? I would have ended up in a shelter, or worse.

“It is so important to spread the word that special needs animals deserve equal love and opportunity. Nose kisses always - your friend, Louie.”

@buggy_supercat on Instagram:

“Hello! My name is Buggy and I live with my Mummy - aka ‘the aul ma’. I had major surgery as a kitten on my deformed legs and I didn't let it get me down. Without the surgery, I wouldn't have made it to my first birthday – yet, here I am now, at five year’s old, able to zoom around the house! I guess that makes me a super-cat!

“I'm the most loving wee fella and love a good snuggle or a smooch! When the aul ma is feeling anxious or down, I'm the one thing that always brightens her world! I may have been born imperfect; but, to her, I am perfect!”

HiLife friend Wendy Moulton owns disabled kitty Peggy. She says:

“Peggy was brought into the rescue where I work; we noticed that her back leg was missing. We were unsure how this would affect her life in a home; but, as I had fallen in love with Peggy, I was happy to adopt her.

“Peggy gets around fine but hops like a rabbit when walking. Her little back is slightly twisted, and her right leg turns inwards. Vets said this has happened so she can balance better. Peggy's left hip sometimes pops out of place, and she has learnt to pop it back in to place within minutes.

“Peggy lives life the best she can; she loves her cuddles and loves to go and sit in the garden. She lives with three other cats and they know she is different; they look out for her and are so gentle with her. She might have health problems and need a little more care, but I am so happy that I took the chance and adopted her. Peggy is such a happy, sweet cat."

#Everycatisspecial campaign

A big thank you to @louie_blind_cat, @buggy_supercat, Wendy and Sweet Little Peggy for supporting HiLife #EveryCatIsSpecial.heart

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Photographs courtesy of Louie, Buggy and Wendy Moulton.