Fun activities with your cat

We’re not sure if our cats are pleased or puzzled to find their humans spending more time in ‘their’ house at the moment. Cats are notoriously wary of change, so it’s probably a bit of both – it’s certainly meant more time for cat cuddles and play.  

We’ve asked some HiLife friends to create a list of their best fun activities for you and your cat to enjoy together. So, whether you have a fussy moggy, a crazy cute energetic kitten or a slightly subdued senior, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the extra time indoors with your cat.

Kitty treasure hunts


@louie_the_rescuecat_ on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?! The thrill of the sniff and the chase! Although cats can be more independent than their dog friends, they still love playtime, with the added benefit that it can also boost the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone involved! If your cat is getting bored of showing the scratch post who’s boss, or the same old catnip mice are no longer fighting back, then why not level up the game and create a kitty treasure hunt? HiLife friend Louie loves it when his Meowmy hides his favourite HiLife it’s only natural Chicken Breast Treats around the house for him to hunt and gobble up!

Create your own cat school


@szaffi_picur on Instagram

Our kitties are very intelligent creatures, which makes them the perfect candidates for training. While this is something we usually associate with dogs, cats can benefit greatly from learning a few tricks. Not only does the activity help to strengthen the bond between you and your cat, but it also exercises your cat’s mind and helps to overcome boredom.

HiLife friend Szaffi has learnt some very paw-some tricks through her online training sessions with Cat School, including a ‘fist bump’, ‘high five’ and jumping on her human’s back. We love watching her progress on Instagram. She tells us her secret is the promise of HiLife treats!

If you don’t want to join a whole programme, there are some great resources online, such as this article from Cat School, to help you train your kitty in a few simple steps. You and your feline bestie will be fist bumping in no time! Don’t forget to tag us @hilifecat to show us the results!

Let your cat discover the TV

@AndrewYJohnston’s cat Daisy on Twitter

@AndrewYJohnston’s cat Daisy on Twitter

Have you ever noticed your cat getting engrossed in the TV? According to Dr Jillian Orlando of North Carolina State University, the quick movements of objects across the screen unleashes and stimulates their ‘prey drive’, which means the TV can be a form of enrichment for our cats. We were very amused see that HiLife cat friend Daisy absolutely loves to watch nature programmes and gets particularly enamoured by the spiders and birds!

So, next time you’re looking for ways to spend quality time with your cat, don’t discount the television – it’s a great way for both you and your kitty to stay entertained. Just make sure to hand your cat a toy beforehand – otherwise they may leap at the television in a bid to catch those on-screen critters!

A good old-fashioned snuggle


@iamkylo_ on Instagram

There’s nothing better than stroking our cats’ silky fur as they happily purr away on our lap. If your cat is anything like HiLife friend Kylo, and the most active they get is sitting in a cardboard box, then why not make the most of this time inside by indulging in copious amounts of cuddles with your furry bestie?

The act of cuddling not only keeps your kitty feeling happy and loved, but it also does wonders for our own mood – especially if we’re all feeling a little anxious at the moment. We suggest you grab some popcorn, some HiLife treats for your cat and put on a good film (preferably cat-themed heart) while you both enjoy a snuggle session.

If your kitty isn’t crazy about affection, then you can still enjoy this cosy time by letting them nap in their favourite spot while you admire their cuteness!

A huge thank you to all our HiLife friends Louie, Szaffi, Daisy, Kylo and their humans for helping us with this blog! We’d love to hear how you’ve been spending the lockdown with your kitty – head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and tag @hilifecat to let us know!