Introducing HiLife it's only natural

Introducing HiLife its only natural pet food

 As pet owners ourselves, we know how important tasty wholesome pet food is to you and your pet family.  That's why we created our HiLife it's only natural range of great tasting dog food and cat food recipes.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, all of our delicious dishes contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Both our dog food and cat food ranges offer a choice of complementary and nutritionally complete recipes in pouches or cans, so whatever your needs, we have something that meets them.  Why not scroll down through our ranges for cats and dogs to find out what's on offer?

 For Cats

HiLife Black Cat

Our cat range is carefully made using the same tasty high quality ingredients you would expect from HiLife.  With a choice of meat or fish recipes in pouches or cans, these high quality recipes can't fail to impress the most fussy cat and what's more they are entirely grain free.  

 The HiLife it's only natural Complete Pouch Cat Food Range

HiLife its only natural complete food for kittens

The HiLife it's only natural range is available in handy pouches for kittens, adult and senior cats.  This nutritionally complete grain free range offers a wide range of tasty meat and fish recipes made with at least 50% of the named ingredient in jelly.  Perfect for everyday feeding, they are available to buy as singles or in larger packs for the savvy shopper.

 The HiLife it's only natural Luxury Cat Food Range

If you prefer to add in complementary foods to your cats diet, we have an exquisite selection to choose from in either cans or pouches. 

Picture showing cat holding a can of HiLife its only natural luxury cat food

Our Luxury cans are hand-prepared with high quality 100% natural ingredients.  The range features 6 meat or fish recipes, made with 60% of the named ingredient. 

It includes chicken breast and tuna loin as well as the  popular chicken with duck, chicken with beef, sardine and tuna, and mackerel and tuna with salmon cans.

We just love the fact that they are available to buy separately, giving your cat the chance to pick and choose their favourites or let mum and dad opt for the 12 can meat or fish multipack for variety. Prefer pouches?  No problem - we also have our luxury pouch range including the chicken or seafood platters in jelly, both made with over 60% meat or fish and both equally as delicious!

The HiLife it's only natural Cat Treats Range

HiLife it's only natural cat treats

Our HiLife it's only natural cat treats have picked up quite a following. We understand that your cats 'go mad' for them. So do ours! Some of you have even got your own names for them, like the 'hand-biters' or the 'packet-pawing ones'.

What's so special we hear you asking?  Well, they are purely 100% natural pieces of chicken or duck breast which are freeze dried to maintain their taste.  When your cats saliva mixes with the treat, the flavour and meaty goodness is released for them to enjoy - delicious.  Each 10g bag packs a mighty punch too, containing enough treats for over 50 occasions. If you haven't tried them, you can grab a bag here 

For Dogs

HiLife its only natural dog

The HiLife it’s only natural dog food range is available in pouches as part of a complementary diet or cans for everyday feeding.

Our wet pouch range is gently-cooked in jelly, broth or sauce and each tasty recipe contains high quality ingredients we’d eat ourselves, including succulent pieces of chicken breast and tuna and wholesome vegetables. You’ll also be reassured to know that these dishes for dogs are full of highly-digestible meat and fish, with no nasty additives, colours or preservatives.

This range is made especially for small to medium-sized dogs and includes tempting recipes like Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato and Kale and Chicken Breast with Salmon & Potato. It's a complementary dog food and we recommend feeding it up to 4 times a week.

For everyday complete feeding, we would highly recommend our wet canned range.  Made in the UK, this range includes 6 delicious grain free meat or fish recipes and a 6 can multipack in mixed meat or mixed fish recipes. As with our cat food range, we've made all of these recipes available as single cans so you can specifically choose your dogs menu for the week.





our pets love their HiLife - we hope yours do too