HiLife celebrates four-legged family members

At HiLife, we’re proud to be a British family business that loves pets! As owners of dogs, cats and hamsters ourselves, we know how important four-legged family members are. We want the very best for them and it’s why our family started making pet food! To continue our #FourLeggedFamily celebrations, we’ve asked some of our HiLife friends to share more about their own pets and the difference they make to family life.



Martyn Gale (@frankie_and_winnie_pugs) says: “Our four-legged friends Frankie and Winnie are a massive part of our family and bring a huge amount of joy into our household. They are absolutely adored by our two small children and both dogs are so good with them. When we found out we were having our first child, we were a little concerned about how the dogs would react, but from day one they have both been amazing and they all have a wonderful bond.



“Our household just simply wouldn’t be the same without Frankie and Winnie. They can be mischievous and have their occasional little scuffles - they are almost like additional children sometimes! But we wouldn’t have them any other way and they are very loved members of our little family.”



Chloe O’Donnell (@cavalierking_bo) says: “They’re my alarm clock, personal trainer, hot water bottle and doorbell but they’re also my family. No matter how bad my day has been, I know that I will always be greeted with slobbery smiles, wagging tails and a set of ears that will listen without judgement. We may not be perfect but the trust that we share has got us through thick and thin, from working through Bo’s fear of dogs to dealing with my own illnesses. Family means unconditional love and undying loyalty, and that’s exactly what I get from my two best friends.”




Kylie Smith (@penny_minischnauzer) says: “Getting Penny was the first step in us becoming a family. We'd bought our first house, and from day one she fitted in perfectly. Having her excitedly run to greet you after a tough day at work, or curl up in your lap, was so comforting. This year, Penny became a big sister to our baby boy, Grayson. She loves to lay next to him when he takes a nap and sits under his highchair so she can ‘share’ his dinner. The bond they have already is incredible, and we cannot wait to see them grow and play together.”


A big thank you to Martin, Chloe and Kylie for helping us to celebrate #fourleggedfamily life. heart

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Photographs courtesy of Martyn Gale, Chloe O’Donnell and Kylie Smith.