Blood Donor Dogs: Is Your Dog a Hero?

Image of a dog having a transfusion, with the text: Blood Banks For Dogs - Donate Today Your Dog's Life May Depend on It. Donations and Transfusions. What you need to know.


As dog owners we strive to keep our dogs happy and healthy. But could our dog help save another dog's life?

From car accidents to clotting problems or dogs needing surgery for cancer, there’s a myriad of reasons why donated canine blood saves lives.  No-one ever plans for their dog to need a blood transfusion...but it happens.

Thankfully, there are heroic hounds out there, who donate their blood to help others. But here's the rub. Most of those dog donors are pets, just like ours.

Donor dogs give blood at their local participating vet clinic or doggy donation center. Their blood sample is then submitted to a charity, such as the Pet Blood Bank, which supplies blood (free of charge) to sick or injured dogs.

If our own dog was in need of blood, we wouldn't hesitate to accept a life-giving donation. But the circle needs squaring with regular donations from healthy dogs, such as our own. Could our dogs be a canine blood donor?

To help us decide if this is something our dog could do, Doggy Dream Team have teamed up with the charity, Pet Blood Bank to spread the word. They have put together this pawsome infographic below explaining just how vital this selfless gift of blood is to dogs in need. We wanted to share it with you.

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Infographic on Blood Banks for Dogs - can your dog be a hero?

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